When creating a case you need to choose a case type and priority before submitting. The following tables should help to explain the different options available.

Case Type



Question General enquiries or request for additional information surrounding eRedbook
Issue Potential issues or bugs found while using eRedbook
Feedback Feedback: good or bad about eRedbook
Sitekit Contract Any contractual or finance queries
Product Suggestion Suggestions for improvements or new features
Complaint To raise an official complaint relating to eRedbook

Case Priorities

If a Support Request is raised online then, using the information provided and the Level Definition guidelines set out below, the service team shall assign a Severity Level.




1 – Critical

A security breach whereby a third party gains access to personal data or an individual’s account may be compromised.A security alert that is categorised as being critical to data security.

  • In the event of a security breach, the technician will take immediate action to limit further unauthorised access to the Infrastructure Applications. Investigative work to provide a resolution will then commence during Service Hours
  • Response: 30 minutes
  • Resolution: 8 service hours

2 – High

An error that renders the software inoperative or causes the software to fail catastrophically.

  • Response: 1 service hour
  • Resolution: 16 service hours

3 – Normal

An error that affects performance of the software and significantly degrades the use of the software. A security alert that is categorised as being medium severity.

  • Response: 1 service day
  • Resolution: Best efforts to obtain resolution in 40 service hours

4 – Low

An error that affects performance of the Infrastructure Applications but does not significantly degrade the use of the service. A security alert that is categorised as being low severity.

  • Response: 2 service days
  • Resolution: Best efforts to put resolution in the next software release

All resolution timescales provided are calculated on a timer basis where the timer is paused whilst the Support Request is waiting on information or action from the Customer or Partner Authorised Representative.

The list of examples above is not exhaustive. Where the Support Request raised cannot be described in the table above, the Severity Level shall be jointly agreed by the Customer or Partner Authorised Representative and the Contractor.